Listado de Proyectos

(*) Investigador responsable.
Reglas de Pieri Para Polinomios de Macdonald Asociados a Sistemas de Raíces y en el Super-Espacio. Gatica, Jessica*; Emsiz, Erdal. Fondecyt Postdoctorado, 2016
Spectral and Dynamical Properties of Unitary Network Models. Bourget, Olivier*; Astaburuaga, María Angélica; Cortés, Victor; Fernandez, Claudio. Fondecyt Regular, 2016
Asymptotic Spectral Properties of Two-Dimensional Magnetic Quantum Hamiltonians. Miranda, Pablo*. Fondecyt Iniciación, 2015
Derived Category Methods in The Study of Certain Moduli Problems and Rationality Questions. Mehrotra, Sukhendu*. Fondecyt Regular, 2015
Geometric Differential Equations. Saez, Mariel*. Fondecyt Regular, 2015
Harmonic and Quasiconformal Mappings. Chuaqui, Martin*; Hernandez, Rodrigo. Fondecyt Regular, 2015
Law of Iterated Logarithm and Continuity of The Srb Measure for Transversal Families of Interval Maps. Bing, Gao*; Rivera Letelier, Juan. Fondecyt Postdoctorado, 2015
Multivariate Analysis Under Nonstandard Assumptions and Applications. Galea, Manuel*; Arellano, Reinaldo. Fondecyt Regular, 2015
New Statistical Methods To Ascertain High Quality Over Time in Standardized Achievement Tests. Jorge González*. , 2015
Non- Conforming and Dpg Boundary Elements and Coupled Dpg Schemes. Heuer, Norbert*. Fondecyt Regular, 2015
On Some Elliptic and Parabolic Problems. Cortazar, Carmen*; Elgueta, Manuel. Fondecyt Regular , 2015
Permissible Degenerations, Qhd Singularities, and Ksba P_G=0 Surfaces. Urzúa, Giancarlo*. Fondecyt Regular, 2015
Photonic Crystals: From Dynamics To Topology. De Nittis, Giussepe*. Fondecyt Iniciación, 2015
Preconditioned Linear Solvers for Nonconforming Boundary Elements. Führer, Thomas*; Heuer, Norbert. Fondecyt Postdoctorado, 2015
Schwarzian Derivative for Harmonic Mappings. Hernandez, Rodrigo*; Chuaqui, Martin. Fondecyt Regular, 2015
Thermodynamic Formalism and Applications. Iommi, Godofredo*. Fondecyt Regular, 2015
Towards An Equitable and Fair Use of Test Scores: Methodological Contributions on Some Fairness Assessment Procedures. Gonzalez, Jorge*. Fondecyt Regular, 2015
Towards Flexible Distributional Analyses of Reaction Time Data. Marmolejo, Fernando*; Gonzalez, Jorge. Fondecyt Postdoctorado, 2015
Variational Problems in Fracture Mechanics and Biomedical Applications. Henao, Duvan*. Fondecyt Regular, 2015
Approximation Algorithms for Load Balancing Problems Via Local Properties. Verschae, José Claudio*. Fondecyt Iniciación, 2014